Project I’m Mulling Over

Thinking of doing a podcast. It’s something I’ve wanted to try for a while now. Only question is, will it be WoW centric or a grab-bag of things I enjoy? Well I have to start researching how you record, edit, and publish.


Looking For Group Function

Yesterday I said I was going to instance with my pally. Well this never happened because of one thing: the LFG functonaliy built into WoW.

This has been a frustrating thing for me for the last few months. No one uses it. I’ve spent hours flagged as looking for group and I’ve yet to get any group invites via this horrible, horrible thing. Luckily, I was paying attention to local and got groups for “world” questing, but I forced myself to stick with the LFG system to get an instance group.

Maybe it is because we’ve all gotten used to doing in with channels. We’ve been using them for so long we probably don’t even think about using any other method. I’ll give it another go tomorrow. At least my worries about not being able to keep people alive havebeen wiped from my mind today. I’m healing very well, better than I remember being able to in the past.

Thoughts on the Paladin

Today I’ve played two different characters, both paladins.

The first one is myBlood Elf paladin which is now L17. Things go well with her. Leveling is different from what I remember with my first one. Damage is less, though quests are easier since the new expansion newb zones are easier to level in, at least I think so.

My second is my Human pally. Has been 60 for over a year and I had retired it. I had decided a few weeks ago that I would probably want to take him out for a spin so I started to buy armour off the auction house, you know, the upgraded world drop greens that drop in Outland. I decided to go all healadin, but since I’ll be soloing mostly I bought a full set of “of the Sorcerer” Bloodscale plate, plus sword and board.

Killing is so slow now. I had leveled him originally before the great pally nerf. Still hard to die, which is at least comforting. I plan to try an instance tomorrow.