Paladin Progress and Positive 2-man Experience

Had a nice day so far today with my newly un-retired paladin. Got him to L64 and grouped up with an odd L66 hunter. His pet was a gorilla and didn’t have growl, though I find that suspect. In any case we did the “Beast Mastery” quests in Nagrand together and now my pally has a libram that makes him even better at Flash of Light. Admittedly we had to find a third for Tusker, but only because his pet couldn’t growl. We got another hunter and we did it. Ended the encounter with 77% mana left. Could have two-manned it.

Flash of Light is such a nice spell. So incredibly mana efficient. If I can bump it up a little bit more with some healing specific gear I’m sure that at L65 I’ll be able to main heal the “Bing of Blood” quest.


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