My “Monster By Mail” Order came in

I linked this very cool site in an earlier post. It was so cool in fact that I decided to order my very own monster. I chose the title of “Revenge of the Instance Trash Mobs” and this is what Len at Jawbone Radio came up with. Nice work! Here is the youtube video… 

Also, a link to the finished picture…

Again, great work Len!


Level Up & Instances & Durn, Oh My!

Been a few days since an update, but that’s okay. Some things just can’t be rushed. My pally has finally hit L66 and, oh deary my, I ran two instances yesterday.


Nice little instance. Some of the pulls can get hairy if you aren’t prepared. Our group make-up wasn’t exactly what it should have been, though, so we had trouble downing the healers in some pulls because our DPSwas a bit lacking.  But we muddled through it nonetheless, getting some gear for the others in the group. Had the chance to get some nice plate for my pally, but since I’m holy specced I passed on it. Overall, not too hard an instance. Having me there as secondary healer made all the difference as our priest, though healing specced, didn’t have much by way of healing gear. One wipe but nothing major.

Slave Pens

For me, this one was the hardest of the two even though it is technically one level lower than Underbog. Our group makeup was worse than before as we had two pallys plus the priest and our DPS suffered. Multiple pulls were hard to manage but we had no wipes, though we lost the priest a few times. no drops for anyone in the group the whole time since it was nothing but mail that we saw.


Nothing much to say expect that I finally have a DPS sword for my soloist activities.

 All in all, a nice experience. I wonder if I’m going to become an instance runner? Who knows.

Ring of Blood… Completed!

Finally got my healing mace from the ring of blood thanks to a generous L70 Warrior who tanked for us. Me, another pally and two warlocks.

The other pally, who was retribution spec, helped me heal the champion, but I think I would have been fine solo on that one. Lord knows what would have happened if the tank hadn’t been L70. Still, easier heal than Durn for sure.

So now I have a nice mace and I think I’ll get it enchanted as I’m sure I won’t get a better one for a while.

Ring of Blood … oooo spooky!

This is the fourth character I’ve been able to do this quest with. I’ve never had such a hard time getting into a group in my life. What is going on is the time of day, I guess. Not many people playing right now. I tell a lie, it isn’t the time of day. It really is the uncharitableness (if that is a word) of people.

When I am farming with my L70s I always stop to help people with group quests. It’s a sort of pay-it-forward thing. Somehow, today, it isn’t paying off for me. Just helped a group with Tusker. They didn’t want to help me with Ring.

Should I stop being generous with my time? Should I just be the selfish jerk everyone else expects you to be?

Healing Durn the Hungerer at L65

Tried to heal Durn today. Not a sucess. Just couldn’t keep up. Had I gotten the Ring of Blood quest done it would have been easier.

Speaking of which, I’m sitting here trying to get a group together. I’ve seen two groups come by and do the quest line. I’ve helped heal and saved both of them from wipes, literally. Neither wanted to help me get my mace.

On my Druid I’ve tanked the things six times helping people out. This is why I don’t run instances. Bloody selfish people.

Jawbone’s “Monster by Mail”

Something I’ve been tracking for a while is by Len, otherwise known for Jawbone radio at

Too bad I noticed it too late as I would have bought some art. Hopefully he’s go it again soon, after all babies are always expensive.

Paladin Progress and Positive 2-man Experience

Had a nice day so far today with my newly un-retired paladin. Got him to L64 and grouped up with an odd L66 hunter. His pet was a gorilla and didn’t have growl, though I find that suspect. In any case we did the “Beast Mastery” quests in Nagrand together and now my pally has a libram that makes him even better at Flash of Light. Admittedly we had to find a third for Tusker, but only because his pet couldn’t growl. We got another hunter and we did it. Ended the encounter with 77% mana left. Could have two-manned it.

Flash of Light is such a nice spell. So incredibly mana efficient. If I can bump it up a little bit more with some healing specific gear I’m sure that at L65 I’ll be able to main heal the “Bing of Blood” quest.